Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp

           Several people from our congregation have served at this wonderful place. The camp
    ministers to children and youth ages 8-17, with separate programs for preteens and teens.

           Most of the campers come from families where one or both parents are in prison, but
    young people from other backgrounds are also happily welcomed.  There are separate
    camps for boys and girls. The camp is located on the Lake of the Ozarks, in Lincoln, Missouri,
    so there are swimming, fishing and kayaking plus  Bible teaching, scripture memorization,
    singing, campfire time, human foosball, group games, playground, petting zoo, puppet show,
    skits and plays, and turtle races.

           Campers and their counsellors sleep in teepees or covered wagons at night. Each child
    who attends has someone sponsor him or her for $100 for the week. SSBC is an amazing,
    wonderful place where God works in people's hearts.

           If you are a saved Christian and can volunteer a week or more in June-July, there are
    many ways you can serve at SSBC.

     1. Counsellor (age 18 and above)

     2. Leader in Training/ Councellor's Assistant (ages 16 and 17)

     3. Helper (any age, even as young as 13)

     4. Cook

     5. Kitchen Helper

     6. Laundry

     7. Cleaning

     8. Life Guard etc.

    The Camp also needs

     Sponsors for the children

     A newer, big van for transporting the children

     Funds for building projects, repairs and improvements

    Also, please pray for the Camp ministry. God does amazing things in these children's lives!

    Camp Pictures

    Sagrada Bible Camp (website)